• DENGSS.CLOTHING Privacy & Policy

    Effective Date: May 16th, 2023

    Utangulizi na Muhtasari

    Sera hii ya Faragha ( "Sera" ) explains how your personal information is collected, used, shared and processed when accessing this website or using other services provided by its operator, including any written or electronic communications and purchases performed (collectively, the "Huduma" ) as well as the rights and choices you have associated with that information.
    The Services include any services provided via this website, located at dengss.com (the "Tovuti" ), our mobile applications (the "Programu" ), akaunti zetu na kurasa za mashabiki kwenye majukwaa ya mitandao ya kijamii (the "Akaunti za Mitandao ya Kijamii" ), na tovuti nyingine zozote, kurasa, vipengele, au maudhui yanayomilikiwa na kuendeshwa na Kampuni ambayo kiungo cha Sera hii.
    Please read our Terms and Conditions na Sera hii kabla ya kufikia au kutumia Huduma zetu. Ikiwa huwezi kukubaliana na Sera hii au Sheria na Masharti, tafadhali usifikie au kutumia Huduma zetu. Kwa kutumia Huduma zetu, unakubali Sheria na Masharti na Sera ya Faragha kwenye tovuti unayotumia.
    Right to modify this Policy: We may change this Policy from time to time, to reflect how we are processing your data, and if we make changes, we will notify you by revising the effective date or last modified date at the top of this Policy. If we make significant changes that materially affect your privacy rights, we will provide advanced notice and make that clear on the DENGSS.CLOTHING website or other DENGSS.CLOTHING services, or by some other means of contact such as email, so that you are able to review the changes before you continue to use the Services. If you do not agree with the modified Policy, please discontinue use of the Services immediately.
    Taarifa za papo hapo: Zaidi ya hayo, tunaweza kukupa ufichuzi wa wakati halisi au maelezo ya ziada kuhusu desturi za kushughulikia taarifa za kibinafsi za sehemu mahususi za Huduma zetu. Notisi kama hizo zinaweza kuongeza Sera hii au kukupa chaguo za ziada kuhusu jinsi tunavyochakata maelezo yako ya kibinafsi.


    1. Jinsi Tunavyokusanya na Kutumia Taarifa Zako za Kibinafsi

    We respect the privacy of the visitors to our digital properties and the users of our products and Services, and we are committed to protecting it through our compliance with this Policy. We collect personal information when you use our Services.
    Personal information is any information that identifies or makes an individual identifiable. The definition of personal information (used interchangeably in this Privacy Policy with the term “personal data”) depends on where you are a resident. Only the definition that applies to your country of residence will apply to you under this Privacy Policy.
    Taarifa za Kibinafsi hazijumuishi data ambayo haijatambuliwa kwa njia isiyoweza kutenduliwa au kujumlishwa ili isiweze tena kutuwezesha sisi au watu wengine, iwe pamoja na maelezo mengine au vinginevyo, kukutambua.
    Your personal data is collected and used by us to support a range of different activities or business purposes. The purposes and types of information we collect are listed in the chart below, and should be understood to include uses of your personal data that are compatible with the purposes listed or uses that may be reasonably expected given the original purpose of collection.
    Kusudi The Personal Data We Collect
    Kufungua akaunti nasi na kusimamia akaunti yako, kukupa Huduma zetu;
    • Contact information, including email address and password, to register with our website or app;
    • Profile data, including your style preference, if you voluntarily choose to provide it for personalization purposes.
    Kutimiza au kusindika maagizo;
    • Identity and contact information such as name, phone number and shipping address, as well as financial information or payment account information, for delivery, returns, refund, sales tax determinations, and payment operations;
    • Transaction details, such as return and refund details, gift card number, and order history, in our Services, in order to fulfill basic functions, including processing your payment and return requests, and keeping you informed of the order status and shipping logistics;
    • Location data at an IP address-based level, to tailor your experience in terms of displaying the appropriate local website, language, or user experience.
    Kutoa huduma kwa wateja na usaidizi, au kukupa mawasiliano yanayohusiana na huduma;
    • Your communication history with us via various channels, such as email, phone, social media, mail, instant chat, and our customer service platform, to respond to your requests, as well as to keep you updated about your account and the Services;
    • Photographs you upload to our Services in accordance with our Terms and Conditions, to provide product advice and to allow you to voluntarily show other potential customers what items may look like when purchased or worn.
    Kufanya shughuli za uuzaji, utangazaji au shughuli zingine za utangazaji;
    • Contact information, such as phone number and email address, for telemarketing and email marketing purposes;
    • Non-directly identifiable device identifiers, operating system information, and cookie information, to direct and measure the effectiveness of the advertising we offer;
    • Data about how you engage with our Services, such as browsing, adding to your shopping cart, saving items, placing an order, and returns) for market research, statistical analysis and the display of personalized advertising based on your activity on our site and inferred interests;
    • Contact and identity information, such as name, email address and phone number, when you voluntarily enter into a competition, market survey, event or other marketing campaigns organized by us;
    • To share your personal data with third party advertisers.
    • Name, email address and/or phone number if you enter into a promotion or program, such as the Grblockchain VIP program via the Services or through a third-party platform (“Promotion”). As permitted by applicable law, your information may also be used by Grblockchain or the Promotion sponsor for marketing purposes. Your entry into the Promotion may result in the addition of your information to our mailing list as well as to the mailing list of our promotional partners, both as permitted by applicable law. Acceptance of a prize may require you (unless prohibited by law) to allow us to post publicly some of your information via the Site or App, such as on a winners’ page.
    Kuboresha bidhaa au huduma zetu, au kwa ubinafsishaji;
    • Collect your device information, and usage data in our website or app for fault analysis, troubleshooting, and system maintenance, as well as setting default options for you, such as language and currency;
    • When you optionally provide such information, we may collect general personal data that cannot identify you, such as body shape, personal height, chest/waist/hip circumference, and weight. For example, this information may be used by us to recommend clothing sizes or styles, personalization, or to provide fit prediction services for you;
    • To share your personal data within and across our corporate organization for our business needs and personalization;
    • Collection of your “like” records and votes when prompted as to your preference between two items, to provide preference setting options;
    • The display of information you choose to post on public areas of the Services, for example a customer review.
    Kuzuia na kuchunguza udanganyifu na vitendo vingine haramu;
    • Information automatically collected through the Services, such as browser type, device information, operating system and account setting information for fraud prevention and detection and credit risk reduction;
    • Log-in data for risk control and fraud reporting;
    • Billing address to verify payment information.
    Kuzingatia mahitaji ya kisheria au kufuata;
    • Identity information, such as ID- or passport-related information, for customs clearance purposes;
    • Transaction history and certain identity information to handle and resolve legal disputes, for regulatory investigations purpose, and to comply with lawful requests from a competent law enforcement agency or court.
    Madhumuni Mengine.
    • Tunaweza kutumia maelezo yako kwa madhumuni mengine yoyote yaliyofichuliwa kwako kabla ya wewe kutupa taarifa yako ya kibinafsi au ambayo ni muhimu kwa sababu kutoa Huduma au bidhaa nyingine zinazohusiana na/au huduma zilizoombwa, kwa idhini yako au kwa maelekezo yako.
    Tafadhali kumbuka: Unapowasiliana nasi kwa barua pepe au kupitia fomu kwenye Huduma zetu, au unaposhiriki hadharani maudhui kupitia Huduma zetu, tunakuomba tafadhali usitutumie taarifa yoyote nyeti inayokuhusu wewe au wengine. We do not collect or store sensitive information or special categories of information.

    2. Kushiriki Taarifa Zako za Kibinafsi

    Tunaweza kufichua na kushiriki maelezo yako ya kibinafsi na wahusika kama ilivyoelezwa hapa chini.
      • A.Ndani ya Shirika letu la Biashara . The Company is a part of a corporate organization that has several legal entities, business processes, management structures and technical systems. We may share your personal information with our related group companies and, in some cases, other affiliates of our corporate group for business maintenance and personalization continuity purposes, for instance so that you may enjoy a personalized user experience across our digital properties, to provide you with the Services, or to take actions based on your requests or preferences.
      • B.Watoa Huduma . Tunaweza kushiriki maelezo yako ya kibinafsi na aina zifuatazo za watoa huduma wengine kama ilivyoonyeshwa kwenye jedwali hapa chini:
    Huduma zinazotolewa
    IT system and software service provider Website hosting services (including cloud storage), mobile app or software optimization services, customer relationship management software, email service providers, or system maintenance services.
    Mtoa huduma ya malipo Third-party payment processing services.
    Marketing and advertising services Assistance in reaching potential new customers across multiple communications channels, or sharing with affiliated companies that promote our products on their websites.
    Order fulfillment service provider Provision of logistics, warehousing and distribution services, return and exchange services, and order status notification services for your purchased items.
    Customer service provider Assistance with customer services and support.
    Fraud prevention and information security service provider Identity verification, fraud prevention, or credit risk reduction services to protect our website/app and our business.
    Other Service providers selected by you Other third parties, such as size recommendations and fit prediction services providers, if you have chosen to help us provide you with product recommendations.
    • Tunajitahidi kuhakikisha kwamba watoa huduma wetu wengine wanaweza kutumia tu data yako kwa madhumuni ambayo ilitolewa kwao na kwa kiwango kinachohitajika kwa madhumuni kama hayo, kwa mujibu wa maagizo yetu yaliyoandikwa.
    • C.Kudumisha Uzingatiaji wa Kisheria na Udhibiti . We have the right to disclose your personal informationor as required by law, or when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and/or comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, request from a regulator or any other legal process served on us. We also may disclose your information where we reasonably believe that the disclosure is necessary to enforce our agreements or policies, or if we believe that disclosure will help us protect the rights, property or safety of the Company or our customers.
    • D.Huduma na Sifa zenye Chapa Mwenza . Portions of our Services may be offered as part of co-branded services and features. We will share your personal information with our co-branded partners based on your voluntary use of or participation in a co-branded service or feature. Use of your personal information by a co-branded partner will be subject to a co-branded partner’s privacy policy. If you wish to opt-out of a co-branded partner’s future use of your personal information, you will need to contact the co-branded partner directly.
    • E.Idhini . Tunaweza kufichua maelezo yako ya kibinafsi kwa madhumuni yoyote kwa idhini yako.
    • F.Miamala ya Biashara . Tunaweza kufichua taarifa za kibinafsi—ikiwa ni pamoja na maelezo ya akaunti, salio la Wallet au maelezo ya pointi—kwa mnunuzi, mnunuzi mtarajiwa, mshirika wa shirika, au mrithi mwingine katika tukio la muunganisho, uondoaji, urekebishaji, upangaji upya, uvunjaji, au uuzaji au uhamisho wa baadhi. au mali zetu zote, iwe kama shughuli inayoendelea au kama sehemu ya kufilisika, kufilisi, au shughuli kama hiyo ambapo taarifa za kibinafsi tulizo nazo kuhusu watumiaji wa Huduma zetu ni miongoni mwa mali zinazohamishwa. Unakubali na kukubaliana na kazi yetu au uhamishaji wa haki kwa maelezo yako ya kibinafsi.
    Tafadhali kumbuka kuwa tunaweza kufichua, bila vizuizi, habari iliyojumlishwa au isiyojulikana kuhusu watumiaji wa Huduma zetu, ambayo ni habari ambayo haitambui mtu yeyote mahususi.

    3. Vidakuzi na Teknolojia Nyingine za Ufuatiliaji

    We may use cookies, tags, web pixels, and similar technologies to automatically collect information on our Services. Cookies or tags are bits of code that allow our technology partners to collect information that usually does not directly identify you. If required by law, we will request your consent before using cookies or other tracking technologies. Information within this section describes our use of cookies and your ability to control the use of cookies for advertising-related purposes.
      • A.kuki . Vidakuzi ni faili ndogo za wavuti ambazo tovuti au mtoa huduma wake huhamisha hadi kwenye diski kuu ya kifaa chako kupitia kivinjari chako cha wavuti ambacho huwezesha mfumo wa tovuti au mtoa huduma kutambua kivinjari chako na kukumbuka taarifa fulani.
      • Kwa ujumla, sisi hutumia vidakuzi vya wahusika wa kwanza na wengine kwa madhumuni yafuatayo: kufanya Huduma zetu zifanye kazi ipasavyo; kukupa hali salama ya kuvinjari wakati wa matumizi yako ya Huduma zetu; kukusanya taarifa kuhusu matumizi yako ya Huduma zetu; kupima jinsi unavyoingiliana na kampeni zetu za uuzaji; ili kutusaidia kuboresha Huduma zetu; na kukumbuka mapendeleo yako kwa urahisi wako.
      • We use the following types of cookies on our Services:
        • Strictly Necessary Cookies. These cookies are essential because they enable you to use our Services.
        • Functional Cookies. We use functional cookies to remember your choices so we can tailor our Services to provide you with enhanced features and personalized content.
        • Performance or Analytic Cookies. These cookies collect passive information about how you use our Services, including webpages you visit and links you click. We use the information collected by such cookies to improve and optimize our Services.
        • Advertising or Targeting Cookies. These cookies are used to make advertising messages more relevant to you. They perform functions like preventing the same ad from continuously reappearing, ensuring that ads are properly displayed for advertisers, and in some cases selecting advertisements that are based on your interests. Our third-party advertising partners may use these cookies to build a profile of your interests and deliver relevant advertising on other sites. You may disable the use of these cookies as set forth below.
      • B.Chaguzi zako . Kivinjari chako kinaweza kukupa chaguo la kukataa vidakuzi vingine au vyote vya kivinjari. Unaweza pia kuondoa vidakuzi kutoka kwa kivinjari chako. Unaweza kutekeleza mapendeleo yako kuhusiana na vidakuzi vinavyotolewa kwenye Huduma zetu kwa kuchukua hatua zilizoainishwa hapa chini.
        • Vidakuzi vya Wahusika wa Kwanza. Unaweza kutumia kivinjari ambacho unatazama Tovuti hii kuwezesha, kuzima au kufuta vidakuzi. Ili kufanya hivyo, fuata maagizo yaliyotolewa na kivinjari chako (kawaida iko ndani ya mipangilio ya "Msaada", "Zana" au "Hariri"). Tafadhali kumbuka, ukiweka kivinjari chako kuzima vidakuzi, huenda usiweze kufikia maeneo salama ya Tovuti. Pia, ukizima vidakuzi sehemu nyingine za Huduma huenda zisifanye kazi ipasavyo. Unaweza kupata maelezo zaidi kuhusu jinsi ya kubadilisha mipangilio ya vidakuzi vya kivinjari chako https://www.allaboutcookies.org .
        • Vidakuzi vya Wahusika Wengine. Many advertising companies that collect information for interest-based advertising are members of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) or the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), both of which maintain websites where people can opt out of interest-based advertising from their members. To opt-out of website interest-based advertising provided by each organization’s respective participating companies, visit the DAA’s opt-out portal available at https://optout.aboutads.info/ , or visit the NAI’s opt-out portal available at https://optout.networkadvertising.org/?c=1 . Residents of the European Union may opt-out of online behavioral advertising served by the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance’s participating member organizations by visiting https://www.youronlinechoices.eu/ . Kwa maelezo zaidi kuhusu mitandao ya utangazaji ya wahusika wengine na huluki sawia zinazotumia teknolojia hizi, tafadhali tazama https://www.aboutads.info/consumers .
    We do not control third parties’ collection or use of your information to serve interest-based advertising. However, these third parties may provide you with ways to choose not to have your information collected or used in this way. In addition, most web browsers provide help pages relating to setting cookie preferences. More information may be found for the following browsers here: google Chrome internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Safari (Desktop) Safari (Mobile) Kivinjari cha Android Simu ya Opera .
    • C.Web Pixels . Ili kuona jinsi kampeni zetu za uuzaji au malengo mengine ya Huduma yanavyotekelezwa kwa mafanikio sisi wakati mwingine tunatumia pikseli za ubadilishaji, ambazo huweka mstari mfupi wa msimbo kutuambia unapobofya kitufe fulani au kufikia ukurasa fulani (km ukurasa wa asante. mara baada ya kukamilisha utaratibu wa kujiunga na mojawapo ya huduma zetu au umejaza mojawapo ya fomu zetu). Pia tunatumia pikseli za wavuti kuchanganua muundo wa matumizi kwenye Huduma zetu. Matumizi ya pikseli huturuhusu kurekodi kuwa kifaa, kivinjari au programu fulani imetembelea ukurasa fulani wa tovuti.
    • D.Analytics . Tunaweza kutumia watoa huduma wengine kufuatilia na kuchanganua matumizi ya Huduma zetu. Kwa sasa, tunatumia Google Analytics . Google Analytics ni huduma ya uchanganuzi wa wavuti inayofuatilia na kuripoti trafiki ya Tovuti. Kwa maelezo zaidi kuhusu desturi za faragha za Google, tafadhali tembelea ukurasa wa wavuti wa Faragha na Masharti ya Google: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en . Nyongeza ya Kivinjari ya Kujiondoa ya Google Analytics huwapa wageni uwezo wa kuzuia data zao kukusanywa na kutumiwa na Google Analytics, inayopatikana katika: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout .
    • E.Kuweka upya tena . Pia tunatumia huduma za uuzaji upya kukutangaza kwenye tovuti za watu wengine baada ya kutembelea Huduma zetu. Kwa kusudi hili, wageni hupangwa kulingana na vitendo fulani kwenye Huduma zetu, kwa mfano, kwa muda wa ziara. Hii hutuwezesha kuelewa mapendeleo yako na kukuonyesha utangazaji uliobinafsishwa hata kama kwa sasa unavinjari kwenye tovuti nyingine ambayo pia inashiriki katika mtandao huo wa utangazaji. Tunatumia Google Ads, Bing Ads, na mitandao kama hiyo ya matangazo.
    • F.Teknolojia Nyingine za Kufuatilia . Pages of our Site may also use Java scripts, which are code snippets embedded in various parts of websites and applications that facilitate a variety of operations including accelerating the refresh speed of certain functionality or monitoring usage of various online components; entity tags, which are HTTP code mechanisms that allow portions of websites to be stored or “cached” within your browser to accelerate website performance; and HTML5 local storage, which allows data from websites to be stored or “cached” within your browser to store and retrieve data in HTML5 pages when the website is revisited.
    • G.Usifuatilie . Some Internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, include the ability to transmit “Do Not Track” or “DNT” signals. Since uniform standards for “DNT” signals have not been adopted, our Site does not currently process or respond to “DNT” signals.

    4. Tahadhari za Usalama

    We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards designed to guard and prevent misuse of your personal information. Our security measures include industry-standard physical, technical and administrative measures to prevent unauthorized access to or disclosure of your information.
    The Internet is not an absolutely secure environment. We strongly recommend that you use a secure method and use a complex password to help us ensure the security of your account. We also strongly advise that you neither share your password with others nor re-use passwords on our Services that you use on other sites or apps, as doing so increases the likelihood of your being the victim of a credential stuffing attack or other malicious cyber behavior. If you feel that the security of your account or personal data has been compromised, please immediately contact us at our dedicated Privacy Center or as otherwise described in the “Contact Us” section below.

    5. Haki zako

    We attach great importance to your attention to personal information, so that you have the full ability to protect your privacy and security. To exercise your rights, you may contact us at our dedicated Privacy Center.
    5.1 Access, Rectification and Deletion of your Personal Information. You have the right to access, rectify, or delete the personal information that we collect. To protect the privacy and the security of your personal information, we may request data from you to enable us to confirm your identity and right to access such data, as well as to search for and provide you with the personal data we maintain. There are instances where applicable laws or regulatory requirements allow or require us to refuse to provide or delete some or all of the personal information that we maintain. To exercise your rights, you may make updates within your customer account on the Site or App, or you may contact us our dedicated Privacy Center. We may not accommodate a request to delete or change information if we believe the change would violate any law or legal requirement or cause the information to be incorrect.
    5.2 Jiondoe kutoka kwa Mawasiliano Yetu ya Masoko. If you no longer wish for us to use your email account to send you marketing emails or non-transactional promotional materials, please directly click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of our email messages to you or contact us at our dedicated Privacy Center .

    6. Uhifadhi

    We will retain your personal information for the purposes set out in this Policy, and for backup, archival, fraud prevention or detection, or audit purposes. We also will retain and use your personal information to the extent necessary to comply with our legal obligations (for example, if we are required to retain your data to comply with applicable laws), resolve disputes and enforce our legal agreements and policies.
    If you no longer wish to be our customer, or cease using or accessing our Services, you can request us to close your account and delete all personal information we hold about you via Privacy Center, subject to certain legal requirements.
    If you send us correspondence, including emails, we retain such information electronically in the records of your account. We will also electronically retain customer service correspondence and other correspondence from us to you. We retain these records to measure and improve our customer service and to investigate potential fraud and violations. We may, over time, delete these records as permitted by law.
    Pia tutahifadhi data ya matumizi ya Huduma kwa madhumuni ya uchanganuzi wa ndani. Data ya matumizi kwa ujumla huhifadhiwa kwa muda mfupi zaidi, isipokuwa wakati data hii inatumiwa kuimarisha usalama au kuboresha utendakazi wa Tovuti yetu, au tunawajibika kisheria kuhifadhi data hii kwa muda mrefu.

    7. Tovuti za Wahusika wengine

    Programu au Tovuti yetu inaweza kuwa na viungo vya tovuti za watu wengine. Sera hii haitumiki kwa tovuti hizo za wahusika wengine. Tunapendekeza kwamba usome taarifa za faragha za tovuti zingine zozote unazotembelea kwani hatuwajibikii desturi za faragha za tovuti hizo.

    8. Watoto

    Huduma zetu hazielekezwi, na hatukusanyi taarifa za kibinafsi kwa kujua kutoka kwa watoto walio na umri wa chini ya miaka 16 au watoto wadogo (kama inavyofafanuliwa na sheria za kitaifa zinazotumika). Ikiwa wewe ni mtoto, tafadhali usijaribu kujaza fomu zetu au kutuma taarifa zozote za kibinafsi kukuhusu. Ikiwa mtoto mdogo ametupa taarifa za kibinafsi bila idhini ya mzazi au mlezi, mzazi au mlezi anapaswa kuwasiliana nasi (Ona Sehemu ya 11) mara moja ili kuondoa taarifa husika ya kibinafsi na kumtoa mtoto huyo.
    If we become aware that a minor has provided us with personal information, we will take steps to promptly delete such information from our files. As described further in our Terms and Conditions, please do not upload photographs showing other people, in particular if they are minors.

    9. Akaunti za Mitandao ya Kijamii

    Tunaendesha akaunti na kurasa za mashabiki kwenye majukwaa tofauti ya mitandao ya kijamii (the "Akaunti za Mitandao ya Kijamii" ), such as on Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube Pinterest Snapchat na TikTok . If you visit one of our Social Media Accounts you initiate a variety of data processing operations. If you do not provide us with your personal data, certain functionalities of the social networking platforms requiring such data will not be available to you or only to a limited extent.
    As the owner of a Social Media Account, we can usually only see information stored in your public profile on such social media platform, and only insofar as you are logged in to your profile while visiting our Social Media Account. In addition, we may process data that you provide to us when you contact us through one of our Social Media Accounts (for example: if you create a post, or send us a private message via Facebook). If you visit one of our Social Media Accounts, the operator of the respective social network also processes your data, regardless of whether you yourself have a profile in the respective social network. The individual data processing operations and their scope differ depending on the operator. In addition, the respective operator of the social network provides us with anonymous usage statistics, which we use to improve the user experience.

    10. Uhifadhi na Uhamisho wa Data yako ya Kibinafsi

    Unapofikia au kutumia Huduma zetu, your personal data may be processed or transferred outside of the country in which you reside. Such countries or jurisdictions may have data protection laws that are different in some respects or less protective than the laws of the jurisdiction in which you reside. If you do not want your information transferred to, processed, or maintained outside of the country or jurisdiction where you reside, you should immediately stop accessing or using the Services. For further details about these transfers and the safeguards that we use to facilitate such transfers, please contact us at our dedicated Privacy Center.

    11. Wasiliana nasi

    Still Need Help? Contact Us

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